What campers are saying…


“We could have never expected what Camp China has meant to our girls. It has literally been a bridge to their early beginnings and a culture and land that they don’t experience in their everyday Life”

“seeing my child with so many other children like her surrounded by counselors she can admire and other healthy families”

“spending concerted time as a family and connecting with other families that look and feel like ours.”

“seeing the children feel so comfortable with one another even though they have just met”

“That my daughter’s look forward to it all year long and that they have done this for years. That they have made life long connections with girls like themselves and this gives them ownership over their life experiences. I also so appreciate the work Jaclyn has done with our girls. I have already referred back to things she has discussed with them. Camp China is a gift to my daughter’s. I am so very grateful for that.

“I am so impressed with all the organization happening! You and the staff are on the ball.

“The best thing about Camp China is seeing my daughter come alive.”

“I loved the calligraphy and I would love for my daughter to be able to take it next summer. She’s going into 7th grade. My husband loved the cooking class”

“I really enjoyed Jaclyn Skalnik’s talk. I would love to have more time with her, including a Q&A session. She was very interesting and opened my eyes to issues I didn’t think about. As our daughter enters the teen years, I would love to learn more from her about issues she might be facing.”

“The best thing about Camp China is the wonderful families gathered there, the cultural lessons that were taught, and the chance for the adoptees to talk together about how they feel about being adopted and Chinese in America”

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